Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 1: Arrival and All the Amazing Dining Experience

The clock alarmed at 6 o’clock in the morning, we quickly took a shower and get dressed. We arrived at Centennial Airport Terminal 2 at 7:30. Yes, I’ve heard that local flights are often delayed but I wasn’t expecting that it happens all the time, matter of fact, ours’ was 45 minutes late.

We arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport an hour after. We were picked up by
Lola Itang’s staff where we had our reservation. We grabbed a lunch at the Inn’s restaurant after checking in. I ordered Buttered Fish while Myke chose tempting Zizzling Seafood. We were looking for their Bilao version I saw in their website menu, apparently, it was not available...Sayang!

This day, we haven’t get a chance visiting places because we were the one who was visited by our friends living within the city. We just ate at Bilao at Palayok in Rizal Avenue.

The Resto has a nice fish pond and a pleasant native ambience, they offer dishes which are satisfying to every diner’s palate. Myke decided to have their specialty called “Ihaw Ihaw sa Bilao” P425, consists of steamed shrimp, grilled pusit, baked tahong, grilled tuna, liempo, together with grilled eggplant & bagoong, salted egg & tomato, and achara on the side. Just typing those foods right at this moment made my mouth water. It was a great meal fit for 3 (yeah, for three, we hated requesting food ‘to go’ but there was not enough room in our stomach), my personal favorite is grilled pusit.

We booked for Underground River tour (P1,200 per pax) upon returning to the Inn.

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