Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 5: City Tour, Butterfly Garden, Iwahig, Crocodile Farm, Baker's Hill

City Tour
The tour is supposed to be 500 per person, half day, inclusive of lunch, entrances, and with company of 6. We no longer have enough time so we had the tour taken for less than 3 hours only.

Butterfly Garden was our first destination. Entrance costs P20.00. We watched a 5 minute presentation then we entered the small garden. Few butterflies were flying because it was too early right then. I loved buying the dried butterflies portrait but it is too costly.


Iwahig Penal Colony - a prison without walls
Robert roved us around the area. We spotted prisoners wearing different shirt color which corresponds to different (prisoner) status.
Prisoners there are living like a normal farmers and laborers, they are planting rice, some were making souvenir items and they even get salary from doing those things.

Crocodile Farm
Also called Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. Lots of crocs (yeah, right!) and other creatures, they also have 2 hectares forest wherein most endangered species are living freely.

Baker’s Hill
So called because it is situated on a hill, the place also has a restaurant, playground, some parts are still on going renovation. The area is colorful and they have funny statues around, children will surely enjoy here.

In the bakeshop we bought ensaymada, hopia, I also loved (and craving until now)this soft ube-stuffed bread topped with sliced almond. Baker’s Hill has variety of delicious breads and cakes to choose from at very affordable price.

No more time for Mitra’s Ranch so we bid goodbye and checked in at the airport at 10.

Our experience
Palawan trip is an experience Myke and I will forever cherish. I had been to places abroad but touring around the Philippines especially Palawan created an overwhelming feeling.

So much to do yet limited time to explore
There are still more places to visit such as Estrella Falls, Coron Diving Site, Tabon Cave, etc. Maybe you have to stay 2 weeks or more to explore it all. Bring also lots of money because most tour’s distance are far which make tour cost expensive. Package tour is best avail by less than 3 people.

Palawan offers fresh and delighfully great tasting food. All of the resto we dined into are all good. If you are looking for fresh, delicious, and inexpensive seafoods, Puerto Princesa City is the best pick.

Tips to drivers and tour guides are not required but very much appreciated because they only earn very little. Be generous enough...lalo na if you are satisfied with their service.

We visited on a supposed to be rainy season, fortunately, God provided us sunny days. We definitely enjoyed and can't wait to go back there soon :)

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