Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 3: Roxas

Today’s journey is the main purpose why we are here in Palawan - to visit their beach property located in Roxas. We rented a van costs only P3,500 for the whole day.

We woke up at 6:30am, had bacon and eggs breakfast in Lola Itang’s. Kuya Robert (of Topstar–) our driver, arrived at 7:15 but we departed at 9:30 because of some delay occurred from our personal guide’s part.

We arrived at Roxas Municipal Hall at 11:00, we were staving to death so we first ate at 5 Bee’s Restaurant (Sinigang na Tanigue is a must try). We finally reached Taradungan after a 20-minute pretty rough ride.

The property is not develop yet but I’m sure that it will be a wonderful beach resort once it has been established. The water was calm at that time, we have noticed 3 islands in front of the property, one of those islands is the Coco Loco Beach Resort. We immediately left the place after taking videos and pictures then we dropped by in the city proper and bought some delicious cashews.

Myke and I were so tired and hungry when we arrived in Puerto Princesa. That feeling didn’t stop us from proceeding with our plan to dine in the city’s famous restaurant named Ka Lui. We asked help from Lola Itang’s staffs in reserving seats right away. It is highly recommended to reserve because the establishment is jam packed all the time. Lucky enough, we got a vacant table when we phoned them so we immediately took a tryke ride going there.

We tried their specials for P385.00
(seashell soup, vegetable crisps, grilled tuna, 3 pcs shrimp, grilled pusit, and 2 cups of rice.) Myke cannot resist his appetite so he added Zizzling Squid (P150), I suggest you try it too, the meat is so tender and it really tastes awesome! We enjoyed our sumptuous supper, our best pick are grilled tuna, shrimp, and zizzling squid.

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